Thursday, October 11

Quote Me: Battle - Cybele's Secret vs. Elemental


You have waited with baited breathe (just pretend this was true) for this battle to start.

Wait no longer. . . drumroll. . . our first contender for ultimate quotedom is. . .
"His misplaced heroism is all to do with you. Tell him you can't do without him. That should do the trick, even if he has to break a few bones to manage it."

Cybele's Secret

Voting will likely last for 24 hours. (This all depends on when I remember to close the poll.)

Order has nothing to do with ultimate conquest. Matching word skill against this contender is. . .drumroll. . .
"She'd already spent too much time talking to him. This had danger written all over it.
But some part of her heart had already told her brain's insistent thoughts to shove it.
Because she was already saying yes."


Let this battle commence. 
May the best quote be left standing.

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