Monday, October 1

Book Blogger Confessions: Envy


Blogger Envy: Do you have a bad case of blogger envy? Do you covet thy neighbor bloggers book hauls/follower numbers/blog design? How do you tamp down the green eyed monster?


Currently I am not suffering too badly from blogger envy. There might be a moment or two when I really wish I also had a certain book. Or more often that I had already read a certain book. Lately I feel so behind on a good number of books. Not having read the book I can't participate in so many fun things. It would probably help if I just reminded myself how many many books I have read. Gratitude would probably help me in my moments of envy.  But it wasn't always so low key for me when it comes to envy. Early on in my blogging experience I was positively raging with envy. I would see all these posts about showing ARCs in abundance. I really wanted to be enjoying the same relationship with publishers as they were. I wished I were also scoring oodles of books at all the conventions. I was positively possessed with envy. If I wasn't envious of the books they were getting I was wishing for the friendships I saw between bloggers. Or even their close relationships with authors. Wait, there was also the envy over how many followers they had. Their ability to have so many awesome giveaways. To be hosting book tours. The number of comments on their posts. Oh my goodness this list could likely go on and on. Suffice to say I had been bitten and consumed by envy. It made me a bit short sighted and bitter. But with time and some hard lessons I have decided it is best to just be me. The truth is I am not all of those bloggers and I wouldn't enjoy all that they have. I have a hard enough time being grateful for what I work for. So I just try and lose myself in the books I already have and not get too jealous.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.


  1. Yeah totally agree with you , in the beginning og blogging I felt like that too. so much work goes into getting that arc's. Lose yourself in a book is a good thing.

  2. Thanks for such an honest answer and I think it's happened to all of us at some point.

    The more you blog, the more you realize the work and obligations that come with all that.

    I've also found after meeting a lot of bloggers in person that they work really hard or are more aggressive about getting things than I feel like being. I'm not the most social of people so even at BEA it's hard for me to make *contacts*. I'm just like "hi" lol

    I love the idea of gratitude canceling out envy! Perfect sentiment.

  3. I appreciate your honesty. I think in the beginning of blogging I just didn't know what was going on, so no envy. More like cluelessness. Great point to try to lose yourself in the books you already do have.

    ps - You cracked me up by bolding "envy" throughout your post.

  4. I used to be jealous of the books that people got but then I realized, I really don't read as fast and cannot meet those demands... besides, I want to read what I like, not what everyone likes.

  5. Nice post! If I start feeling a little envious, I try to turn it around into motivation (which does work sometimes). Otherwise, I admit I just suffer through it and soothe myself with a little chocolate.