Monday, October 8

Quote Me: Battle - City of Fallen Angels vs. Victoria and the Rogue

***City of Fallen Angels***


You have waited with baited breathe (just pretend this was true) for this battle to start.

Wait no longer. . . drumroll. . . our first contender for ultimate quotedom is. . .

"You look lousy," he said

Jace blinked. "Seems an odd time to start an insult contest, but if you insist, I could probably think up something good."

"No, I mean it. You don't look good."

"This from a guy who has all the sex appeal of a penguin. Look, I realize you may be jealous that the good Lord didn't deal you the same chiseled hand he dealt me, but that's no reason to--"

"I am not trying to insult you," Simon snapped. "I mean you look sick. When was the last time you ate anything?"

Jace looked thoughtful. "Yesterday?"

"You ate something yesterday. You're sure?"

Jace shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't swear on a stack of Bibles. I think it was yesterday, though."

City of Fallen Angels

Voting will likely last for 24 hours. (This all depends on when I remember to close the poll.)

Order has nothing to do with ultimate conquest. Matching word skill against this contender is. . .drumroll. . .
"Well, the dowager Lady Malfrey would simply have to be gotten rid of.

Oh, not be killing her, of course. Victoria had a profound distaste for violence, and besides thought murder entirely too easy - unsporting actually."

Victoria and the Rogue

Let this battle commence. 
May the best quote be left standing.

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